5 Steps to the Perfect Stir-Fry (Plus Recipes!)

by Laraine Perri
From Health Magazine

Need to get dinner in a hurry? For a fresh, flavor-packed meal that cooks up in 15 minutes, the classic stir-fry is a smart choice. To help you master the perfect stir-fry technique, we’ve broken it down into just five easy steps. That’s all you’ll need to create healthy, mouthwatering recipes, from  Broccoli and Beef with Oyster Sauce to Cauliflower Masala With Tofu.

Once the heat is on, things move fast, and you don’t want to risk scorching. Have everything sliced, diced and ready to go. (Hint: Freeze steak for 15 minutes before slicing. This will make it easier to slice thinly and evenly.) Whip up a quick sauce, too, before you heat the pan. Continue Reading.

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