My Fortune Cookie Fortune

I have t

o laugh at the “fortunes” I always seem to receive when I get a fortune cookie. Some time ago a fortune reported: “An event will soon change your life”.

It soon did as I received an email that changed my life in a great way.

Another one: “Inspiration comes from within” I believe that. There have been so many. I wish I had kept them all because I seem to attract exactly whats happening in my life! My family laughs as I seem to be the one who gets the “real fortune”.

Today, I ate Chinese with my Mom and Sister. I was telling them of the struggles I have been experiencing in my work.;Things just aren’t coming together easy, Everything seems a struggle. Then I opened my fortune cookie: “Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible” !!!! HAHAHA. We all had a great laugh! Weather you believe in fortune cookies or not (there are some radically funny ones out there) it is such fun to see whats coming next.

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