Quit Tobacco

Quit Tobacco With Acupressure

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If you have tried and tried to quit smoking or chewing and have failed. If you really want to quit but are having a difficult time, acupressure will work for you!!

Life-time guarantee!

When you schedule your appointment, we ask that you prepare for your treatment by:

  1. Stopping your use of tobacco two hours prior to your appointment.
  2. Drink at least 1 full glass of water during those two hours prior to your appointment.
  3. Bring any left over tobacco with you to your appointment, you will throw it away on your way out.

Your appointment lasts about 20-30 minutes. After you fill out the paperwork, we discuss the addiction to tobacco. You will be given links to meditation and qigong videos to help with the habit of using tobacco. You will be given another meditation created specifically to help with stress.

The power of your mind is discussed.

Then, you will receive acupressure in the auricle of your ear. This is called auriculotherapy whereby a tiny amount of electrical stimulation is administered to exact pressure points. This acupressure session breaks the addiction to tobacco.

We guarantee that our auriculotherapy treatment will have you free of the craving for tobacco after the very first treatment!

We are confident that your desire for tobacco will completely end after your acupressure session.


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