We Are All Connected

In todays email from Anita Moorjani, she reminds us…


… that we are all connected.

As the sun shines its light on each and every one of us, unconditionally, so God’s love is always surrounding us in its warmth. “The sun doesn’t choose who to shine on, it shines on everyone that is choosing to out in it. The sun doesn’t choose to whom it’s going to give warmth and light and to whom it’s not. The sun just is. Everyone gets bbathed in its splendor, warmth and brilliance when we’re in it, and the sun never stops shining. We may not be able to see it all the time due to the earths rotation, yet the sun itself never stops giving its light for any reason.” Anita Moorjani, from her book: “What if This is Heaven?”

Remember to love yourself today, and every day. If we are to: “Love our Neighbor as You Love Youself”, then shouldn’t we love ourselves fully?

Love yourself because of who you are, not because of what you have accomplished.


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