Testimonial – Dr. Kenneth Ring

Dr. Kenneth Ring, NDE researcher and author of several books including the best seller “Lessons from the Light”

I have been researching and writing about near-death experiences (NDEs) since 1977. During that time, I have personally interviewed or talked extensively with hundreds of near-death experiencers and have dozens of autobiographical accounts of such persons in my own library. I have also written a number of books on NDEs and scores of articles on the subject. In addition, I have had the pleasure, and indeed the privilege, of spending several hours with the author, Anita Moorjani, of the book under review here. So I think I know something about the subject of NDEs.

That said, I am prepared to say that Dying to be Me is perhaps the most compelling, insightful and deeply moving rendering of an NDE I have encountered over the past 35 years. It is a book that not only tells an incredibly gripping story of an NDE and the healing from a disease that seemed destined to be fatal, but one that also offers a great deal of spiritual and practical wisdom that the author derived from her experience during her otherworldly sojourn.

I haven’t read any of the hundreds or so reviews of this book (though I noticed… (CONTINUE READING HERE)

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