My Coconut Kefir is Better Than Yours

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I get asked a lot about dairy-free kefir options. I have seen some amazing results with kefir made from coconut, almond or walnut milk. I highly recommend these non-dairy milk kefirs if you want all of the benefits of kefir without the dairy.

Of these non-dairy milk kefirs, I have noticed that coconut kefir brings the best health results. Coconut milk has so many wonderful properties, including antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is my favorite option for dairy-free kefir. However, every time I say something is my favorite, somewhere down the road I find another favorite. Do not be surprised if I change my mind.

Coconut kefir tends to be very thin and separates quite quickly when made according to the basic recipe. I found a way to make it a little bit creamier and the taste is supreme. The secret is to add a little coconut spread. Coconut spread is made entirely from coconut meat.  It is prepared by first drying coconut meat at low temperatures and then grinding it into a paste. You can find coconut spread at most health food stores or in my store. Adding coconut spread to the coconut milk will give texture and… Read On Here.

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