Moved to Tears… Twice

I don’t usually turn on the TV during the day time. Too distracting (I’m addicted). Today, my son turned on my TV while I was at work and it was still on when I came in. I watched the Doctors TV show. The show and other companies are all coming together to help a family of three in need. This high school teen weighs 640 pounds, and his life is at risk.

Then on Ellen, I watched a straight high school teen ask his gay best friend to prom. “Anthony Martinez didn’t have a date for the prom. What his straight friend Jacob Lescenski did about that surprised everyone. Ellen knew she had to hear their incredible story. ” See the clip here.

Watching daytime TV sometimes, isn’t so bad. I hope these inspiring stories help you to be inspired to be kind to everyone. The Divine loves us ALL.

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