Ananda Sangha

Cannot Find the Time to Meditate

When you’re short on time, cut down on the length of meditation, rather than skipping it altogether. Go for quality rather than quantity. Learn to manage your time a little more wisely. Remember that if you meditate your energy and concentration powers grow, and you will use all your time more efficiently.

It also helps to be creative in finding times and places to meditate. A father of three young boys told me that it is impossible for him to meditate once he gets home from work, because his sons are so excited to see him. His solution was to park his car a block from his house, and meditate there.

We do what we want to do. If you are having difficulty finding time to meditate, it isn’t yet a high enough priority for you. Remind yourself why meditation is so essential by recalling the times when it has transformed your life. Even a few… read full article here.

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