3 Steps to Trust in Your Own Divinity & Magnificance

3 Steps to Trust in your own divinity & magnificence


It’s not just about trusting in the divinity of … EVERYTHING. It’s knowing YOU are divine!

How do you stop the constant barrage of: “I don’t have time for this slow traffic!” or in the store “I got in the slow line again!”

It’s not just time we think we don’t have enough of.

Try these 3 steps, on a daily basis, every time you feel stressed over anything.

1- Look into your heart for the sense of peace that resides there.

2- Take a breath. When we get stressed, or are even concentrating, we don’t breath as deep, this can  our blood pressure to go up to compensate.

3- Change all negative thoughts to a positive. Example: “I don’t have enough time to stand in this line” to “I trust in the abundance of time”.

When you see doubt manifest in your life, remember: You don’t have to believe in a complicated philosophy, just know, that you are literally, divine!

If you love meditation, you must see this daily meditation. These short meditations are amazing!

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