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Affiliates – Earn 50% Commission

Welcome to the affiliates resource page.

You can feel confident about this 5 week program: “Weight Loss with Acupressure”. I have had a successful walk-in business started over 25 years ago, and have just finished setting up a member ship site for online customers to go through the entire program in just 5 weeks. ($300 walk-in value)


I have used Acupressure to curb food cravings for 25 years. In this program, I teach participants in step-by-step videos how to create their own seeds and with a short questionnaire, which chart is needed specifically to their “Style-of-Life Assessment”. From there, an easy to follow “Action Plan” has weekly guidance which includes: Guided meditations to re-establish the body/mind connection, and easy videos for Qigong. The easiest and most rewarding exercise, Qigong means: “Life Energy Cultivation”.

How Much Will I Make?

When you promote “Weight Loss with Acupressure” program, you will make 50% commissions on each sale you refer.  This program sells for $97 which means a profit for you of around $48 minus the sales processor’s small cut.

To become an affiliate with ClickBank, Click here.

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ClickBank Will Pay Your Commission every 2 weeks. You will never have to wait for my office to pay you since the customer pays ClickBank, and ClickBank pays you. All you need to do is sign up on ClickBank as an affiliate here,  and you are ready to promote this or any listing on ClickBank.


Here is the affiliate URL: http://vendor.jmap.clickbank.net  

All you need to do is replace vendor with your ClickBank nickname.


Below You Will Find material to help promote “Weight Loss with Acupressure”.

Cover Art

This is the cover art for the program. You can save to your computer and use in your promotional ads.

Thetoolsbundle (1)


Thetoolsbundle (1)








Banner Ads

You may save to your computer and insert these banners into your promotional ads. The free ear chart is below the banners.

































You can use this FREE ear chart as your freebie if you would like.

Ear chart 1

You can let your prospective buyers know that this is the ear chart for losing weight if all body systems are in working order. To find out if their body systems are working properly, they will need to fill out the questionnaire.





Email Sales Copy  – You may use this email as is or change it to your own wording. You know your email list better than I do. If you have any questions or comments let me know. Contact Suzanne Here.