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I am a research nut. If someone tells me about something new, and I am interested, I don’t buy or participate blindly. I research, research, research. That’s why, I integrated VEO into my in-office programs for acupressure, meditation & qigong.

Many years ago, 2000, I had surgery a complete hysterectomy due to a large amount of varicose veins on my uterus and ovaries. It was not life threatening, but the pain became unbearable. I tried to go without surgery to no avail. I say all the time: “Pain is a great motivator”.

After surgery, I had many issues with hormone replacement therapy. I was allergic to Premerin and many others. I didn’t realize that I was on a downward spiral which involved many symptoms including depression. My depression manifested in the form of apathy. I didn’t care… about anything. And I had a beautiful 6 year old boy. I lost interest in everything: my son, my husband, my ukulele… I knew it wasn’t me. I knew there was a chemical imbalance within. Now, you can ask any light worker what is the most frustrating part of their work, and I believe the common answer is: “Why can I help so many, but have a difficult time helping my self?”

I have meditated since age 15 (40 years) and have learned to “listen” to that inner-voice, and go with the flow.

After returning from town one evening, I was listening to the radio “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor was playing. I was trying to feel it. You know, “I Will Survive”!!!!! But I just wasn’t. So I just sat there. In the dark, listening. Wondering what I was going to do. The song ended, and a man came on. It was Dr. Bryan Turner speaking about hormones, depression, and just not feeling well. He said with plant based bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help. I made an appointment the very next day.

I told myself that it had taken years for me to feel this terrible. This is so I wouldn’t feel worse depression if the relief I was searching for didn’t happen right away. I told myself I needed to give the HRT at least 3 months before I gave up on it. (I know, this sounds very cup half empty, and I am naturally a cup half full person, showing the deep depression I had spiraled down to).

3 DAYS LATER I felt like a new person.