Age Spot & Eyelash Serum

This amazing serum was created by my child-hood friend, Stacy Nelson.


Her video shows before and after for the age spots on her hand. Made with all natural ingredients, and essential oils.

If you total the price of every ingredient you purchase for this Age Spot & Eyelash Serum, it doesn’t come close to the cost of high priced products on the market today. PLUS, you can make enough of your own serum to last for a very long time. UNLIKE the expensive products where you have to purchase a new tiny bottle or tube every month.

I am in the process of putting together home-made kits for Christmas gifts, and this Age Spot & Eyelash Serum is part of the package.

Jump on over to Stacy’s website here:

and learn how to make a plethora of your own easy helpful products. Stacy says: “When we strengthen women, we strengthen the world”.



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