The first time I tasted (and fell in love with) carrot and celery juice was when I was a little girl.

My Grandma-ma made it for me! She drank juice all of her life, and lived to the age of 94

BUT, the important thing is that she was active until just a few months before.

Was it the juice? I don’t know, but I do know juicing was a part of her healthy lifestyle.

I emulate my Grandma-ma. I want to have Quality of life until I’m done.

These ingredients along with the other hand-picked ingredients in our proprietary formula promote these benefits:

  • Lose weight (increase metabolism)
  • Experience better mental acuity and cognition
  • Facilitate a brighter mood Hydrates & Revitalizes Helps to Support Immunity
  • Detoxify Your Body Balance Hormones
  • Improves onset of Sleep 


It is the only one on the market infused with coconut water which helps you absorb all the other nutrients. Plus they’ve added Ashwagandha, one of natures powerful all natural stress reducers. 

Even though I love juicing, I don’t have the time. I wind up juicing for a few days in a row, then put the juicer away for a long period of time.

I have good intentions, and when I juicing, I try to get everyone around me to drink the juice. My co-workers said I should be a sales-person for juicing machines.

I have just found this brand new product: Green Juice by Organifi, and my research shows that my juicing days may be over.

This gently dried superfood powder, infused with coconut water crystals and ashwaganda is so easy to mix into 12 ounces of water that I may never juice again.

In my video, I talk about each of the 11 ingredients, and their benefits.

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Because it is all organic, non-gmo, gluten free, soy free, vegan, tested…
And most importantly, people get results.  Here are some results from
Fitlifers who tried out this product last year: